Dave’s Tiles Puzzle

Dave's Tiles PuzzleTurn your own photos into puzzles with Dave’s Tiles Puzzle!

Dave’s Tiles is a modern upgrade to the classic fifteen puzzle with twists and challenges that make it fun for players of all ages and skill.  Beyond just a traditional tiles puzzle, you get these awesome features:

  • 32 levels! – Dave’s Tiles has levels for casual players and levels that will challenge the best.  No other tiles puzzle offers 4 game modes or randomly jumping tiles.
  • Custom photo playlists – Add your own pictures, pick from some of Dave’s favorites, or even download more with in-app purchases.
  • Fastest Game Play – Drag to move tiles or tap for added speed to improve your score.  No tiles puzzle is faster than Dave’s Tiles.
  • iPad & iPhone Friendly – Need to answer a phone call or run another app?  Dave’s Tiles automatically saves your game.  You can also continue to listen to your own music as you play.
  • 27 updates and counting – Dave’s Tiles is proudly written and supported by an independent developer.  More features are on their way — many requested by users like you.

Don’t settle for another tiles game, buy Dave’s Tiles!